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The product development of Eureka is located in the Netherlands. Nigor Net  develops new products and improve the existing ones especially for the European market. Therefore, prototypes and samples are being made for field testing, lab study and getting opinions from both trade partners and end users, before we finalize the products and put them into production and on the market.

Please note that only the good, practically new (without signs of wear and tear and UV degradation) and 100% functional prototypes / samples are listed on the Eureka Outlet Site. They are carefully chosen and tested before being placed on the website.

Eureka! actively participates in many consumer and trade tent shows in Europe each year.

  • In the Netherlands
  • In Germany, Eureka! tents are displayed at big consumer events in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Bonn, Dresden, Berlin and Fulda.
  • Eureka! tents can also be found on tent shows in France, UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia and more countries.

Please note that all the set-up models listed on the Eureka Outlet Site have been carefully chosen and tested. They have only been used during tent shows, are practically new, have no signs of wear and tear and UV degradation and they have never been slept in. While tents have been cleaned, dust or small dirt may occur due to set up.

When tents are slightly damaged during the tent shows, during the transportation or due to wrong usage by end users, we repair the tents carefully to make them 100% functional again. The price reflects the degree of loss of cosmetic appearance due to the repairs that have been made.

Please note that all the repaired second hand tents listed on the Eureka! Outlet Site have been repaired in such a manner they are 100% functional.                   

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